Oracle database backup and recovery

Managing hardware and software resources holistically reduces the cost of labor and the opportunity for human error. For example, you may need to preserve a copy of a database as it existed at the end of a business quarter.

Backing them up separately incurs less overhead. DBUA makes recommendations for configuration options such as tablespaces and the online redo log. Oracle Enterprise Search 10g crawls all information sources in the enterprise, whether public or secure, including e-mail servers, document management servers, file systems, web sites, databases and applications, then returns information from all of the most relevant sources for a given search query.

To completely restore a database from an export file one practically needs to recreate the entire database. Full exports include more information about the database in the export file than user level exports.

The infrastructure grid exploits the power of the network to allow multiple servers or storage devices to be combined toward a single task, then easily reconfigured as needs change.

Look at this simple example. This will lead to excessive database archiving and even database freezes. The alert fi le, or alert log, is a special trace file. Unless otherwise specified, the term backup as used in the backup and recovery documentation refers to a physical backup.

Trace file information is also used to tune applications and instances. A server parameter file lets you store and manage your initialization parameters persistently in a server-side disk file.

All table data is stored in the extents of the data segment. If the flash recovery area fails, then you lose one of the control files and the online redo log.

Database Backup, Restore, and Recovery

Planning and testing responses to different kinds of failures Configuring the database environment for backup and recovery Setting up a backup schedule Monitoring the backup and recovery environment Troubleshooting backup problems Recovering from data loss if the need arises As a backup administrator, you may also be asked to perform other duties that are related to backup and recovery: RMAN Backups - while the database is off-line or on-line, use the "rman" utility to backup the database.

Information provisioning technologies include message queuing, data propagation, replication, extract-transform-load, as well as mapping and cleansing tools to ensure data quality. Information Grid Data Provisioning. You can use Oracle Data Pump to export logical data to binary files, which you can later import into the database.

Similarly online logs are equally important and loosing them can also cause database to crash, incomplete recovery and possible data loss. The process of applying the redo log during a recovery operation is called rolling forward.

How does one backup and restore a database using RMAN? Index segment Each index has an index segment that stores all of its data. Many clients can simultaneously run against one server.

The Grid Control feature of Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g provides a single console to manage multiple systems together as a logical group.

Oracle VM 1 Disaster Recovery (HA)

Look at this simple RMAN backup scripts: Frequently test your ability to recover and document all possible scenarios. Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for information on creating and changing parameter files Alert and Trace Log Files Each server and background process can write to an associated tra ce file.

The media to which these backups are written are often unavailable after the backup is complete. With Oracle 10g Release 2, its metadata management capabilities are extended from scheduled data pulls to handle a transaction-time data push from an Oracle database implementing the Oracle Streams feature.

In fact, we have a page book dedicated just to RMAN operations alone.

Oracle Database RMAN Interview Questions

And Oracle delivers this grid computing functionality in the context of holistic enterprise architecture, providing a robust security infrastructure, centralized management, intuitive, powerful development tools, and universal access. Please contact Oracle Support before using it.Oracle Backup and Recovery: Expert secrets for using RMAN and Data Pump (Oracle In-Focus) (Volume 42) [Kamran Agayev Agamehdi, Aman Sharma] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Backup and recovery are mission-critical DBA tasks, and it is critical that every Oracle professional develop a RMAN strategy that guarantees recoverability while minimizing unplanned.

Oracle database Backup and Recovery FAQ

Format: Description %a: Current database activation id %A: Zero-filled activation ID %c: The copy number of the backup piece within a set of duplexed backup agronumericus.comum value is This Oracle RMAN training was designed by Robert Freeman, an acknowledged leader in Oracle database administration and author of more than 6 bestselling Oracle administration books.

Recovery Manager is fully integrated with the Oracle database to perform a range of backup and recovery activities, including maintaining an RMAN repository of historical data about backups.

You can access RMAN through the command line or through Oracle Enterprise Manager. Since Oracle applied all the committed changes found in the archive log files created since the 1am backup and from the online redo log files, which were not deleted in this scenario, when you open open the database after the recovery, you will have all of the database changes since 1a.m.

Robert G. Freeman is an experienced author, Oracle Certified Professional, and Oracle ACE. He currently works for Oracle Corporation as a master principle database expert.

Matthew Hart is the coauthor of six books for Oracle Press, most recently Oracle 10g High Availability with RAC, Flashback, and DataGuard; and Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Handbook.

Oracle database backup and recovery
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