Kydex projects

We would recommend a thicker piece in this case, but if you do not want to spend the extra money, using the residual pieces will do as well.

Custom Projects

Attachment I liberated an old extension tube for my Ridgid shop vac and cut it to about 3". What are scales, blocks, pieces and cylinders? Use the search box at the top of this column to search for specific terms and subjects throughout the Savannah Arsenal pages and blog entries that you might be interested in researching.

After finishing the cutting process, the next step will be the heating. And wear thick gloves! Off to the band saw for some trimming. If you have a tube of compressed air feel free to get out the smaller kydex pieces from every nook and cranny, before cramming the gun in.

The distance between them should not be more than an inch. I made a few modifications. Flattening one side just a small bit allowed the tube to slip Kydex projects the screw holes on the tang. Finally, place the other warm piece of foam on the magazine and Kydex, followed by the other wood board.

This tip will save you some headaches and frustration! Craft-boards can be very handy A professional press Drill set with sanding head Set of box cutters Note that we did not mention any specific size when it comes to the tools and the materials.

New CT and first Kydex project

What if the holes in the blade are a little bit larger than the pins I want to use? If you have a professional press, you simply have to set it up and take a coffee break. Remember, if it was not cut, kydex can be adjusted and re-adjusted as many times as you want.

This is for the simple reason that there are just too many handgun models out there of varying size and caliber. Some very good concealment holsters are made using both leather and Kydex to utilize the advantages of both.

This excellent Tutorial by Katie at Matsuke explains how to use this technique to Transfer onto Wood.

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Pieces are larger dimension handle material. Though, depending on the situation, that is not always a bad thing in a knife.

Kydex Holsters

Your information is kept private. Failing to find a holster that fit my needs, I went about creating my own.

Kydex project

Prepare The Plastic First, you should take the piece of kydex and put the gun on it. The Buck Punk is well suited to such an Kydex projects, its design credited to survival instructor Ron Hood.

The small amount of scale or discoloration is usually easily buffed off, but occasionally more scale is encountered and heavier buffing is required. After using a Dremel tool cut-off wheel to cut the rough shape, I heated a strip on the spine of the sheath with a hand-held heat gun.

Some factors that affect warpage are hollow ground edges, blades that are tapered in length, very thin blades, and blades that are not ground symmetrically. This should be done with kydex as well, small stripes of it, and with a heat gun. Try it out in several ways. Edge holding properties are greatly enhanced by this process.blackdog concealment Click below to browse our entire catalog of made-to-order concealment products.

We have holsters for + gun models and adding new ones every day! Apr 06,  · I started making sheaths because I wasn't happy with factory sheath. I have made leather and Kydex® and prefer Kydex® because it doesn't absorb moisture like leather does. Please register to have full access to all content of the forum.

kydex projects by nslady49 on fay Kydex gear from Jul 08,  · This is the final Kydex shell, trimmed out. Small adjustments to adjust tension, ease of drawing and holstering were done later once the leather was attached using the. Something went wrong.

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Kydex projects
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