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The battle took place not in Scotland but in Flanders. However, it did not grant the country complete autonomy, while the majority of significant issues were still being handled by the UK government in London.

Scottish Independence Should Scotland be Independent? Sometimes it just does not work out and it is time that we all come to grips with that fact. Thirdly, it was for many a simple historical justice to be served, as England did not always treat its northern neighbor fairly.

Arguments against the independence From all the above mentioned we can conclude that there is obviously a case for Scottish Independence, but before doing this we shall discuss the reason against the Scottish autonomy.

Why Fight for Independence? However, for any outside observer it is obvious that such a move would harm Scotland in the first place, as it would prevent investors from trusting the country to deliver on its promises.

At present Scotland has a government that runs lots of Scottish affairs but has one hand tied behind its back with ones not in their control — such as taxation and fiscal policies.

The third critical problem related to the nuclear military bases which England located in Scotland. So, in Bruce resigned the guardianship, swore fealty to Edward for the umpteenth time and married. If Scotland splits from the rest of the UK and turns out to be relatively viable as an independent country it is possible that Wales, and even Northern Ireland, will follow its example.

Innes, MA Hons Scot. Scotland is not uniquely incapable of governing itself. How to Write a Summary of an Article? In consequence the Scots were badly equipped to face Edward, and an English army which had fought many times on the continent.

It is much harder to see the situation from a wider perspective and analyze all the prospects with the cold mind. The First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, and the SNP unexpectedly won an historic grand slam — forming the first majority government in the Scottish parliament despite the Scottish system being set up to prevent a party gaining a majority and the only majority government in the whole UK — enabling Mr Salmond to demand an independence referendum.

Equally a large number of people regard independence as a huge economic gamble. However, it did not grant the country complete autonomy, while the majority of significant issues were still being handled by the UK government in London.

After many cross-border disputes, including when Scotland was defeated by the English in at Flodden, the Scottish and English crowns we united in when King James IV of Scotland became monarch of the British Isles.

The Scottish Wars of Independence

One of the most convincing reasons to vote no was the potential international isolation which Scotland could experience in the aftermath of its decision. Had this treaty ever taken effect who knows what would have happened to both England and Scotland.

The town was besieged and after a short struggle, the town was sacked and the inhabitants put to the sword, literally. Hence, English Eurosceptics who consider Scottish independence as an opportunity to push their country quicker towards EU exit should think again.

At the time, there were only three present in Scotland, the earls of Strathearn, Lennox and Carrick.

Read all of our Scottish independence essays

I would like to take a different angle from it now.Wars of Independence Reading List: Scottish History The Wars of Independence -Who, What, When and Why: This essay summarizes the history of the Scottish Wars of Independence.

After the defeat of the Scottish army, Edward went on a progress through Scotland. On the way, he took the Scottish piece of the true cross, the black rood, the Stone of Destiny (or at least what he was told was the stone!) and stripped Balliol of his heraldic arms.

“The beauty of independence, departure, actions that rely on themselves” -Walt Whitman. Currently Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. Scottish Independence is “a political aim for some political parties, advocacy groups, and individuals in Scotland for the country to once again become an independent sovereign state.”.

Scottish independence essay winners. Witherspoon, formerly minister of the Laigh Kirk in Paisley but, more pertinently, a signatory of the US Declaration of Independence. The Scottish National Party government’s White Paper, Scotland’s Future.

Scottish Independence-Discursive Essay. Scottish Independence - Good or Bad Scotland is at a turning point. The year old Union is some say no longer fit for purpose. Some say it was never designed for the 21st century world and it is well past it's sell by date and is holding Scotland back.

Scottish Independence-Discursive Essay

The Scottish people voted to move forward. In this essay, I will present a fair conclusion by weighing up the arguments for and against Scottish Independence. The relationship between Scotland and its larger neighbour have always been difficult, especially during the “wars of independence” led my William Wallace and then by Robert the Bruce.

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