Equality and diversity (e&d and safeguarding case studies

But why is it so important that you include diversity in the core plan for your business? Diversity helps you to reach more customers. Their colleague was surprised and stated that they have a strong moral objection to lesbians and gay men.

That a working environment is created and fostered where people of all backgrounds and experience feel valued and appreciated. During the process of radicalisation it is possible to intervene to prevent vulnerable people being radicalised.

We strive to promote and maintain a diverse, inclusive and stimulating work environment where employees are treated with dignity and respect, valued for their differences in thought, background, experience, perspectives and are empowered to succeed.

She did not tell you until three months ago, when she confided in you about what she was experiencing and the treatment she was getting from her doctor and therapist. They are photocopiable and catalogued in an accessible and user-friendly way.

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This unit will help you build knowledge and confidence in this area of practice. This is a great training opportunity for all staff. Not only that, but communities are stronger when they have a strong relationship with the police officers who serve them.

These policies are designed to prevent certain employment situations, such as: Your business will see an increase in creativity because workers from different backgrounds will approach problems and projects in different ways.

You can find the video on YouTube. Conclusion Equality and diversity are the terms used to both define and champion the values of human rights in society, and that includes the workplace.

Safeguarding Everyone and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Bundle

This toolkit provides information to engage and inspire communities and employers to make apprenticeships more diverse. Learn languages Teach your students a few words in French, Spanish, Afrikaans, Chinese etc to raise their awareness of language barriers around the world.

Case study two You have observed that a Muslim trainee never has any eye contact with female colleagues or patients when he is talking to them.

What is more, the employee can be confident that they will be given the right tools to do their job properly, which can be anything from proper disabled access, flexible working hours, and even good communication from all members of staff.

Present the class with some facts about people with disabilities, another culture or based on the protected characteristics and ask them to decide whether the facts are true or false.

Case studies

Patient Rights Scotland Act Knowledge of different areas of the community can be utilised A better understanding of market segments and consumer behaviour can be attained You can become an employer of choice You will retain a wider talent pool when recruiting You will have a more??

Ensuring that there is an interview panel so that the views of more than one person are taken into consideration when deciding on who attains the position. A month ago the learner was signed off on sick leave.

Equality Legislation

This team must defend this statement. The police department in Bedfordshire, up untilhad no training materials or e-learning provisions of any sort to train their staff on the idea of Unconscious Bias.

Most commonly, the term?? Employer toolkit - for supporting accessible and inclusive apprenticeships Embedding, sustaining and spreading good practice - the 29 equality and diversity projects funded in Themed webinars - recording of four themed webinars from autumn Equalities toolkit - information and resources from all the SFA funded equality and diversity projects funded from toand much more Sources of other equality information Other sources of information for interest include: We bring the Equality Act to life and clearly explain the legislation in a very fun and practical way.

Fully embracing the principle that people will be treated with fairness. Here are a few classroom activities and ideas that you can use and adapt to help promote multiculturalism in your school:The information below details what Equality and Diversity (E&D) means, why it is important, the work we currently do, the work in progress, how we monitor Equality and Diversity and how to.

Understanding Equality And Diversity In The Workplace 5th February In the UK, companies are legally required to adhere to certain practices that ensure discrimination is eliminated and expectations of equality are always met in the workplace.

Equality and Diversity Case Study: Glasgow City College “Equality and diversity has moved from a tickbox exercise to be embedded within the culture – it doesn’t feel like an added extra any more”. NowSkills take our Equality & Diversity (E&D) Policy very seriously.

Equality and diversity

We take the time to ensure every member is fully aware of the policies. Alongside our Equality & Diversity policy, we also implement a safeguarding policy.

The safety of our young learners are the most important aspect of the process. Case Studies; OUR PARTNERS. Equality and Diversity Equality Legislation; Discrimination case studies. The Equality Act () defines 6 types of discrimination. You may want to link this with the ‘Understanding local equality and diversity' activity in the Diversity sub-unit which looks at E&D from the level of the service you work in.

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Equality and diversity (e&d and safeguarding case studies
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